I appear in all Courts, Tribunals and Commissions in Queensland and in the Federal jurisdiction, and in particular the following:

  • Supreme Court of Queensland
  • District Court of Queensland
  • Magistrates Court of Queensland
  • Federal Court of Australia
  • Federal Circuit Court of Australia
  • Family Court of Australia
  • Children’s Court of Queensland
  • Fair Work Commission
  • Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal

I appear in all matters, and in particular the following:

  • Interlocutory applications
  • Ex parte applications
  • Procedural hearings
  • Interim hearings
  • Final hearings
  • Trials
  • Appeals
  • Case assessment conferences
  • Conciliation conferences
  • Mediations

Case Study 1

I was briefed in a personal injury matter where my instructing solicitor appealed a decision of WorkCover not to accept our client’s application for compensation because it was out of time.  The appeal was a hearing de novo, otherwise known as a new hearing.  I analysed the medical evidence to determine which medical specialists should be called as witnesses and which documents should be tendered into evidence. I then drafted my closing written submissions which I quickly amended where needed when the evidence concluded.  The decision was reserved pending a decision of a higher court on an important issue that was relevant to our case.  When that decision was released it changed the law significantly.  I needed to draft further written submissions addressing these changes and whether they affected our client’s case.  We are eagerly waiting whether our client’s appeal will be granted.

Almost a year lapsed from when I was first briefed in this matter.  A decision was released, however, the parties were to confer and reach an agreement.  An agreement was not reached, and the matter was relisted for a further hearing.  I settled my instructing solicitor’s Affidavit for the hearing, however, after it was filed and served the parties entered into consent orders allowing my client’s appeal.  My client can now proceed with his claim.

Case Study 2

My client made an application for a protection order under the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 (Qld). A temporary order was granted and the application was set down for a hearing. Having analysed the orders sought on the application, the evidence, the legislation, and recent case law, I formed the view that my client had very good prospects of success. I held a pre-trial conference with my instructing solicitor and my client and explained the court process. I prepared my client for cross examination which, in this type of cases, can be a traumatic experience. Although the respondent called unexpected witnesses during the hearing my client was able to provide quick instructions that enabled me to cross examine them effectively. My closing arguments persuaded the Magistrate that my client’s evidence should be preferred to that presented by the respondent, and we were successful in obtaining the protection order in the terms sought by my client, and for the maximum duration allowed under the Act.


I found Grace very confident, eloquent and in her presentation of her submissions and argument with the Judge, her responses were astute and she engaged with the Judge hearing the matter assisting him in his determination and understanding of her argument.

Andrew Rouyanian

I have found Grace’s preparation to be thorough and well considered in terms of a range of possible outcomes. In family law matters I have found that clients generally prefer to meet with Counsel to assure themselves that they are in good hands. In the matters that I have briefed Grace in she has become actively involved in preparations with the client, she does a good job of communicating the issues to the client, is able to build a good rapport and can demonstrate to the client that she has good knowledge of the facts. I have found that Grace is effective in anticipating issues that may arise during the course of a matter and is open to the views of myself and clients in considering those issues. I found Grace to remain focused and steady in her presentation. She had a good grasp of the facts as well as the context in which issues arose. … Grace was always quick to respond and was willing to put in the extra work that was needed to get the job done. She was very good at maintaining a positive momentum when communicating with both myself and the client and discussing all options in a frank and thoughtful way.

Mark Jeffries

We had a complex unfair dismissal matter in the Fair Work Commission that needed to be briefed out quite quickly. … I sent a mountain of paperwork to Grace and contacted her the next day to discuss the case. Not only had Grace waded through all the material, but had already identified what the matters were which would be critical in the case in the context of the law around unfair dismissals. … Grace had no problems explaining the legal aspects of the case to our member … in a way he was able to understand. … Our member was completely at ease knowing that his case was in the hands of someone who had taken the time to listen to him and to get a full understanding of the issues. At all times, Grace was friendly, professional and took the time to ensure our member understood how the law applied to his case, kept us up to date with preparation and gave clear and concise instructions when further material or information was required. Having identified all of the issues critical to the case, Grace then thoroughly assessed and explained the prospects if the matter were to proceed to our member in a way he could understand. Throughout the settlement discussions, Grace ensured our member understood what was being put and provided full and frank advice on all of the settlement options which were explored. … Being successful in settlement negotiations requires preparation, preparation, preparation and not just a desire to avoid formal proceedings or deal with a matter quickly. All options put and considered were thoroughly considered and discussed throughout the settlement process. Our member was left in no doubt that the settlement achieved was the very best that could have been achieved in all the circumstances

Margarita Cerrato
Industrial Officer

“I found Grace very confident, eloquent and in her presentation of her submissions and argument with the Judge, her responses were astute and she engaged with the Judge hearing the matter assisting him in his determination and understanding of her argument.  Grace’s attitude and professionalism was impressive. … She spoke to the client in a manner in which he undertook and provided both sides of the case to him. …  I sincerely appreciated Grace’s availability and attentiveness to my enquiries when I seek advice.  She quite often goes out of her way without being requested to do so. … Grace is ‘user friendly’ and I appreciate her availability, quite often at short notice. … After 30 years of Practice and involvement  with other Counsel, I find Grace very confident and value her advices and guidance that she provides in assisting to resolve issues”.

Andrew Rouyanian
Senior Legal Practitioner