I draft and settle legal documents such as:

  • Applications
  • Responses
  • Affidavits
  • Statements
  • Outlines of Argument
  • Written Submissions
  • Pleadings
  • Draft Orders
  • Terms of Settlement
  • Grounds of Appeal
  • Binding Financial Agreements
  • Superannuation Agreements

I also provide written advices on:

  • Prospects
  • Evidence
  • Quantum

Case Study 1

A solicitor briefed me in a commercial dispute in which his client was the defendant to a claim. The defence was drafted by a counsel who was unfamiliar with the Uniform Civil Procedures Rules in Queensland, and in particular the rules pertaining to denials and implied non admissions. I drafted the amended defence and the application seeking leave to withdraw the deemed admissions. Prior to filing the documents I advised my instructing solicitor to forward the documents to the opponent seeking their agreement that they will not oppose the application, with a view of having the application considered on the papers. The application, supporting affidavits, and the amended defence showed that my client had a good defence and my opponent agreed not to oppose it. Although the rules and case law provide that the application must still be heard by a judicial officer, we were successful in having the application determined on the papers. This resulted in my client’s deemed admissions being withdrawn from the defence, and the amended defence being filed without the necessity of a procedural hearing.

Case Study 2

I was briefed to provide an urgent advice on whether or not a Binding Financial Agreement under the Family Law Act, otherwise known as a prenuptial agreement, was valid and enforceable.  Because of the circumstances surrounding the separation of the parties the advice was indeed very urgent.  I was able to re-organise my schedule to give this matter priority.  When I received the agreement it was lengthy and complex.  Many of the clauses in the agreement were no longer used and since the agreement was executed the law surrounding these agreements had undergone some changes.  Good organisation, quick and thorough legal research, and my expertise in drafting these agreements, allowed me to provide a detailed written advice on the validity and enforceability of the agreement.  My knowledge of the facts of the case also enabled me to provide my instructing solicitor and my client with additional advice.  For example, I anticipated the steps that the other party may take, prepared my client for that possibility, and advised what can be done in advance to protect my client’s interests.


Grace’s writing style is clear, concise and engaging. All of her work is comprehensive and well-researched, which makes it an invaluable educational resource for the lawyers who use our service. We have received consistently excellent feedback from lawyers on Grace’s work, who find her topics practical and highly relevant to their practice and professional development.

Sarah Mateljan
LawCPD Director

“Grace can capture the essence of complex drafting or issues and express or summarise them simply.  Grace is thorough and clearly takes pride in the quality of her written work.  She knows what she needs to get out of a document, and how to structure it so it’s easy to follow”.

Adele Canon
Editor, LexisNexis Australia

Grace applies a succinct style to drafting BFAs. Her style accurately captures the particulars in any financial settlement arrangement. I would recommend Grace to any solicitor wanting a BFA drafted by experienced and capable Counsel. Grace produces high quality BFA documents which always comply with legislative requirements in a style that is not only concise and complete but also easy to follow. Further, Grace is always a pleasure to work with.

Karen Chicoteau, Solicitor

I am extremely impressed in the way that Grace not only has the ability to succinctly fashion an Affidavit for family court matters but also to attempt to anticipate the issues raised by opposing parties and following precisely the requirements under section 75 and 79 leaving out emotional or provocative wording. She attempts to be available at all times and clients do appreciate that. I would recommend her as Counsel for any family law matter.

Mark Fisher, Solicitor