We lead such busy personal and professional lives that we forget to stop and reflect on our achievements.


I recently taught a class at the QUT Law School where I encouraged students to reflect on their successes. It made me realize that I needed to do the same.


As I took time out to reflect, I immediately thought of two recent cases in which I helped my instructing solicitors and our clients to achieve excellent results:


  1. One client had a very difficult unfair dismissal case. Although my instructing solicitor had done everything possible to settle the dispute, the employer wasn’t making any reasonable offers. We had to go to a hearing. We were thoroughly prepared and equipped with very good evidence for the hearing, but we still tried to negotiate an agreement. Together with my instructing solicitor and our client we were able to do that. At the end, our client received a very good settlement and was spared sitting through an emotionally draining 3 days with an uncertain ending.
  1. I was briefed to seek various family law children’s orders including a transfer of the entire proceedings from Queensland to another jurisdiction. We succeeded in having all of the orders granted, and despite the other side opposing the transfer of the proceedings, this order was also made. The judge had read all of the material and my written submissions before the hearing. I have no doubt that the reason that we had such an excellent result was because my instructing solicitor had prepared thorough material and briefed me early. This enabled me to draft written submissions that set out the law and the reasons why the orders we were seeking should be made.


There are other excellent results that I achieved in the last year. What excellent results did you achieve? I am sure there are many!


This does not mean that we should not reflect on the negative results. Indeed, I do. But I do that not to punish or blame myself, but to learn from it. Analyzing a negative outcome teaches us to anticipate things that could go wrong, and address them early.


I plan to have another successful year, and I hope you do as well. And, as this year passes, remember to stop and reflect on your achievements!


How I can help

Having practiced as a solicitor prior to becoming a barrister I understand the challenges that solicitors face. Busy practitioners are under pressure to meet client and firm expectations. Managing a high number of complex files can be overwhelming.

I can assist you by advising you and your client on their prospects of success, the evidence you will need, by drafting or settling your material, and by appearing in court with you and your client. If you need assistance with any of these matters please contact me on 0466 547 787 or grace@gracelawson.com.au.


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