I was delighted to have presented at a Legalwise seminar where I was ranked Speaker of the Day. I strive to give such powerful presentations each time I speak.


I am also honoured to tutor law students at the Queensland University of Technology Law School.


When speaking publicly, and when teaching, I want to share my knowledge and experience with my audience and with my students.



I speak to lawyers about various aspects of the law and how any changes to the law apply to them in practice.  This includes family law, wills and estates, personal injury law, employment law, and ethics.  I speak about all aspects of lawyer’s professional skills such as advocacy and drafting skills, communicating skills, preparing a case for trial, and effectively managing their client’s legal dispute.  I offer strategies to improve efficiency and productivity in legal practices whilst striving to achieve excellence in client service.


I speak to clients about what they can expect to happen now that they have engaged a lawyer, including the process of making a claim or an application, the alternatives to litigation, and how clients can help their lawyer run their file efficiently. I discuss risk management strategies and how companies or businesses can avoid various potentially costly claims, such as injury, harassment or bullying claims. I encourage clients to consider alternative dispute resolution such as mediation instead of litigation wherever possible.


I have had the opportunity to tutor students in Dispute Resolution, Legal Problems and Communication, and the Legal Research Capstone.  I also act as a judge in the Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice mock hearings.  I strive to motivate students to achieve their best in their studies and to enjoy what they are learning.  In additional to teaching theory and practice, I aim to teach students that with determination, resilience and a network of support, they will gain satisfaction and personal fulfilment in their studies, and later in their careers.

Most Recent Presentations and Papers

In January 2018 I drafted two papers for LawCPD on Binding Financial Agreements.  The first paper analyses the law lawyers need to be familiar with when drafting Binding Financial Agreements.  The second paper analyses the grounds available to parties who wish to set aside Binding Financial Agreements.

Drafting Binding Financial Agreements -PDF

Setting Aside Binding Financial Agreements – PDF


In July 2017 I was pleased to prepare a further paper for LawCPD, entitled “Cross-examination”.

Cross-examination – PDF


In July 2017 I was again invited to prepare a paper for LawCPD, entitled “Identifying and Managing High Conflict Personality Clients in Law”.

Identifying and managing high conflict personality clients in law – PDF


In October 2015 I was invited to prepare another paper for LawCPD, entitled “Relocation Applications in the Family Law Courts”.

Relocation Applications in the Family Law Courts – PDF

Click here to access the LawCPD course


In July 2015 I was pleased to prepare a paper for an online CPD course for lawyers, developed by LawCPD, entitled “Plain English for Lawyers”.

Plain English for Lawyers – PDF

Click here to access the LawCPD course


On Wednesday, 25 November 2015, I had the pleasure of speaking to lawyers about “Identifying and Managing High Conflict Personality Clients” at a Legalwise Seminar held in at the Hilton, Brisbane.

Identifying and Managing High Conflict Personality Clients – PDF

Identifying and Managing High Conflict Personality Clients – Powerpoint


I was honored to address mental health practitioners on “Responding to Subpoenas and Preparing for Court Appearances” at a Legalwise Seminar held in Brisbane on Thursday, 12 November 2015.

Responding to Subpoenas and Preparing for Court Appearances – PDF

Responding to Subpoenas and Preparing for Court Appearances – Powerpoint


In June 2015 I prepared a paper about “Psychiatric and Psychological Injuries in the Workplace” for a Legalwise Seminar presented to Lawyers in Brisbane.

How to assess and compensate psychiatric injuries in the workplace – PDF

How to assess and compensate psychiatric injuries – Powerpoint

I was delighted to speak to lawyers at a Legalwise Seminar on 10 March 2015, on the topic of “Plain English and Professionals”.  The presentation discussed the use of Plain English, dealing with professional and technical clients in specialized fields, and Copywriting skills for lawyers.

Plain English And Professionals – PDF

Plain English And Professionals – PowerPoint

In April 2014 I was honoured to present my paper “An Introduction to Child Support” at the Queensland Law Society Open Day. The presentation considered the proposed changes to the Child Protection Act 1999 (Qld).

An Introduction to Child Protection – PDF

An Introduction to Child Protection – PowerPoint


There are few individuals that have an ability to effectively communicate the critical values and capabilities necessary for young lawyers stepping into the challenging discipline of law. Grace is most certainly one of those individuals, a talented advocate and a compelling educator who has a significant and positive effect on our law students. Grace’s approach is both engaging and transformational, and our students have consistently expressed their delight at having learned from a lawyer who displays incredible empathy and authenticity in every engagement with them. I actively encourage my students to seek out role models whom they can carefully observe and imitate as they embark on their legal careers, and Grace is undoubtedly one of those remarkable lawyers to whom my students look for that exemplar of true professionalism.

Craig Smith
QUT Legal Practice Unit

Students consistently comment that Grace’s enthusiasm for teaching Dispute Resolution is contagious.  Grace is able to take stories and examples from her practice, and incorporate them into her teaching in a way that is authentic and relatable.  I am often told by students that Grace is the best tutor that they have encountered in the law school.  As a university lecturer and co-ordinator of large undergraduate subjects, it is really important to have a sessional tutoring team that inspires learning in law students.  Despite Grace’s busy professional practice, she is an incredibly reliable member of my teaching team.  Grace is meticulously prepared for classes that she needs to deliver, she presents wonderfully, and is very conscientious in the feedback she provides to students on items of assessment.  Her commitment to her teaching role makes her such a valuable person to have as part of a teaching team.

James Duffy
QUT Lecturer

Grace delivered a very engaging presentation with Legalwise Seminars in March 2015. Delegates attending her session on Plain English really appreciated her practical approach and how she used examples throughout presentation. It was obvious to us and to our delegates that she is very passionate about the topic and she motivated delegates with great content, conveyed in a clear and insightful manner.

Sintija Dobrotinsek
Legalwise Seminars

During Grace’s employment with Quinn & Scattini her passion and regard for her clients was remarkable and this was reflected in feedback received from our clients. Grace was a valued member of our Family Law team and was often called upon to impart her expertise during presentations arranged for the benefit of the public. Grace was always entertaining and able to hold the public’s attention whilst providing information that was relevant, precise and uncompromising.

Tim Ryan
Director, Quinn and Scattini Lawyers

Grace’s style of teaching was highly effective as it was practical and encouraging. She gave us a technique, demonstrated it and encouraged us to use the technique. Being able to do that at the time she provided the guidance encouraged my full attention and participation. Because of Grace’s encouragement I was able to remember what she taught. It was the practicality and involvement that made her teaching highly effective. I have used what she had taught and obtain great feedbacks thanks to her lessons. As a student our attention spans are extremely short if we are disinterested. Because Grace was so practical and encouraged us to participate my attention gave Grace my full attention and because of that I was able to achieve from what she taught. Thank you Grace. You’ve been a huge inspiration to me.

Angela Ling Chia Do
Law Clerk

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Grace during my Practical Legal Training course at QUT where she was the judge in our Mock Trial. I found Grace to be very approachable in answering any queries we had regarding the various stages of a trial. Grace engages with students through her passion for the law and her advice is often drawn from her own experiences as a practitioner which I found to be very relevant and practical. Grace provided detailed feedback during the Mock Trial and as a result, I was able to put her feedback into practice which allowed me to gain greater confidence in my ability to formulate appropriate questions and effectively conduct my examination in chief and cross examinations.

Cody Nguyen
Law Clerk

“Learning from Grace is one of my best learning experience.  Not only because she could provide the examples and personal experiences to guide students in the right directions but also, and more importantly, she does it in a way that is easy to understand and relate to.  Grace saw the potentials in all of us and encouraged us to do the same. She has a humble attitude despite her seniority as a barrister and saw and respected our group of fresh graduates as her colleagues.  She would respectfully address our questions and opinions even if it differs to her own. I believe Grace is someone that I will always remember and look up to in my future years of legal practice.”

Yang Tung
Trainee Solicitor